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Guam Golf

Guam golf
Guam golf courses

Tips on Golf Etiquette

Golf is a game where sportsmanship is paramount.  It has its own rules of courtesy that everyone observes and is expected to follow.  Here are a few simple tips to observe to have a more enjoyable round of golf when visiting one of Guam's golf courses.

Be on Time.
Arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled tee time.  Be ready to play when it is your group's turn at the tee box.  And when it is your turn to hit, do so without undue delay.

Be Quiet.
Give your partners time and silence while assessing the situation.  Avoid talking and making sudden movements while they are in the process of making a swing.  Stay out of their peripheral vision while they are putting.

Be Courteous.
Pay attention to your playing partners or the group playing behind you.  Avoid playing out of turn and always keep pace with the group in front and behind you and yield to the faster player and let them play through.

Do You Share.
Repair spike and ball marks you see before leaving each green.  Smooth or rake bunkers after you are done and replace divots you see in the fairways and tees.

Always observe and respect the course's policy regarding the use of pull carts or golf carts.

Observe these basic tips on golf etiquette and you'll get more out of the game of golf.

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