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Guam Scuba Diving

Guam scuba diving is perhaps one of the most popular things to do in the waters surrounding the island. While there are multiple places to enjoy Guam diving, Guam scuba diving is particularly popular near Cocos Island, Tumon and Apra Harbor. Guests can spend time scuba diving Guam in one or all of these locations. Travelers will find that Guam scuba diving equipment is easily located at most hotels and ocean side shops in the coastal villages.

One of the best places for Guam diving for the beginning scuba diver is Tumon Bay. Guam diving in Tumon Bay is renowned for the beautiful coral reef that protects the bay and the calm waters created by the reef. Many shops with equipment for scuba diving Guam are located between Tumon and Agat, so no matter where you are headed or from which direction you are coming, you will have no trouble finding a place to rent scuba diving equipment.

For the most part, scuba diving Guam is considered quite easy when compared to some of the other diving places around the world in diving hot spots like Mexico or Australia. One advantage to diving in Guam is the idyllic weather conditions. There are almost no wave swells throughout most of the year, and since the climate is incredibly moderate year round, guests can usually count on storm-free conditions.

Visitors who have never participated in scuba diving before will be pleased to find that there are dive schools in Guam. In order to scuba dive, it is required that you take at least some instruction, and there are plenty of opportunities to do just that on Guam. To get the best prices and times, you will want to try and book your beginning dive as far in advance as you can. Reservations can be made from the United States or at your Guam hotel or resort.

In addition to gentle harbor dives, scuba divers can also charter a boat or book a scuba diving tour. A scuba diving boat tour will travel further out from the island into the ocean, where a different variety of sea life can be viewed. Scuba diving boat tours will be more expensive than the walk-in diving available near the shore.

Another popular way to experience scuba diving in Guam is by night diving Guam. Night diving Guam is, as the name suggests, scuba diving at night. The advantage to night diving Guam is that a whole different sort of marine wildlife culture is available for viewing. Just like the nocturnal animals we are accustomed to on land, the ocean is home to its own group of nocturnal life, the most famous of which is the octopus. Night is by far the best time for viewing octopus and some other interesting sea life. Whether you find yourself on the west, east, or southern coast of Guam, scuba diving is a great way to experience the waters off of the coast of Guam and take advantage of the incredible diving conditions to suit every ability.

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