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Fort Nuestra de la Soledad
Fort Nuestra de la Soledad Guam Fort Nuestra de la Soledad Guam
This Spanish ruin is located on the cliff overlooking beautiful Umatac Bay, which was the site of Magellan's historic landing in 1521 and an early Spanish colony.  Visitors to Fort Nuestra de la Soledad can expect some spectacular views of the natural beauty of Guam and get a glimpse of Spanish architecture and relics used when the Spanish first colonized Guam.

For 250 years, beginning around 1565, Spanish galleons sailed yearly from Acapulco, Mexico to Manila in the Philippines and return.  The only replenishment stop for these Acapulco galleons on the long voyage was Umatac Bay.  From 1680 to 1810, the Spanish built four fortifications at Umatac to protect the anchorage from pirates and privateers.

Governor Alexandro Parreno constructed the final Spanish fortification on Guam and the last of the four Spanish fortifications in Umatac, Fort Nuestra de la Soledad, Our Lady of Solitude.  The Fort was constructed of mamposteria on Mount Chalan Ahiti consisting of a barbeta for mounting seven guns, quarters for the soldiers, and an arsenal.

While the French explorer Freycinet in 1819 noted the white of the Fort with its four cannons, the galleons had already ceased to stop at Guam after 1815.  The galleons no longer sailed from Acapulco to Manila due to political unrest in Mexico.  With the usefulness of Fort Soledad gone, the Fort was abandoned.  For years the Fort crumbled aided by weather, treasure hunters, and World War II.  After World War II, the Government of Guam transformed the Fort into a park.

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