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Umatac Bay

Umatac Bay Located on the southeast coast of Guam, Umatac Bay was believed in the past to be the location where Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan first landed on Guam.  Many researchers today dispute this fact saying that Magellan landed elsewhere on Guam, but this doesn't stop village residents from celebrating Magellan's landing and Discovery Day in March.  A monument situated on the coast of Umatac Bay
still commemorates Ferdinand Magellan's landing.  There are many things to do and sites to see along Umatac Bay including enjoying a day at Umatac Bay Park which is situated along the eastern coast of the bay.  The park is the location of the village mayor's office and also contains a public basketball court.
   The black rocky coast of Umatac Bay offers a scenic walk for visitors and there are covered picnic tables and benches for relaxing and enjoying the view
Cross in front of church with Umatac Bay in background
View of Umatac Bay along Umatac Bay.  There are two historic Spanish forts along Umatac Bay which were used to protect the bay when the Spanish used Guam as a trade route between Mexico and the Philippines.  The more popular Fort Neustra de la Soledad is located on the hill on the southern coast of Umatac Bay, and the less known Fort San Jose located on the rocks on the northern coast of Umatac Bay.  To get to Fort San
Jose you will actually need to park your car on the northwestern coast of Umatac Bay and hike a trail that leads you into the jungle towards the ruins of Fort San Jose.  While there you can enjoy the rocky beach and beautiful scenery of Guam's western coast.
   A paved road provides easy access to Fort Neustra de la Soledad and it is easier to find.  There are also restrooms and benches at the site, and the view of Umatac Bay is spectacular!
Mouth of Umatac Bay
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