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Ipan Beach Park Guam
   Located on the southwestern coast of Guam in the village of Talofofo, Ipan Beach Park is shaded by ironwood trees which are scattered all along the park.  The park also has picnic tables and benches, barbeque pits, and restroom facilities for the general public.  Popular activities along Ipan Beach Park include swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking.  Local fishermen also come to this spot and can be seen casting lines and nets in the shallow waters off the
coast of Ipan Beach.
   Ipan Beach Park is a great stop for visitors who are traveling around the southern coast of Guam to relax and take a little rest from the long drive around the island.  The ironwood trees offer some much needed shade from the island's hot tropical sun while enjoying the fresh ocean breeze and beautiful natural scenery along the beach.
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