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Gadao's Cave Guam
Located in southeastern Guam in the village of Inarajan, Gadao's Cave is one of the more famous caves on the island of Guam because of the ancient Chamorro petroglyphs etched on the cave walls.  According to experts the drawings at Gadao's Cave tell the legend of two local chiefs - Malaguana, who was the ancient chief of Tumon, and Gadao, the ancient chief of Inarajan village.  The legend goes on to say Chief Malaguana believed he was the most powerful chief on Guam, but heard stories of the strength of Chief Gadao.  Chief Malaguana went to the village of Inarajan to challenge Chief Gadao, but upon arriving at the village he saw the chief crush a coconut with his bare hands.  Fearing that Chief Gadao was far stronger than him, Chief Malaguana asked Gadao to take him to Tumon in his canoe.  The two chiefs paddled in different directions destroying the canoe in half.  The Chamorro legend ends saying that Chief Gadao went to this cave to record the events of what happened that day.
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