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Fish Eye Marine Park Guam
Piti Bomb Hole
The Fish Eye underwater observatory is located in a "Piti Bomb Hole". Contrast to its name some say the "Bomb Hole" was actually created by collapsed caves that have been filled with sea and sand.

The "Piti Bomb Hole" is a very popular dive location due to the many fish and other marine life there. Our underwater observatory provides the marine life with a hiding place and enhances the population of fish much like the natural coral reefs do. The local government has designated this area as a Marine Preserve and has prohibited any activity that may be harmful to the marine life.
Two Lover's Bridge
The bridge is a 1,000 ft long boardwalk that leads from shore to observatory. It overlooks the spectacular Piti bay where you can enjoy the gentle sea breeze and take in the beauty of the sunset and beautiful view it offers.
Underwater Observatory
This is the first and only underwater observatory in Micronesia. Constructed with Japanese ship-making technology, the observatory can uphold the power of a super typhoon. It is 71 ft. in height (40 ft. above sea level & 31 ft. below sea level) and weighs 230 tons.
While on the upper deck you can enjoy the 360 degree view of the ocean. The bottom deck has 24 viewing windows (16 rectangular and 8 round) to view the marine life and underwater world as you stay- dry.
Would you like to know what it feels like to walk on the bottom of the ocean? Then this is a tour you must take. You will have the opportunity to walk the ocean bottom with a specially made helmet and experience the underwater world hands on.
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