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Guam Fishing Activities and Destinations

Fishing in Guam is one of the main tourist attractions to the island. From Guam deep sea fishing to renting Guam fishing charters, people who love to fish flock to Guam each year. Fishing in Guam is especially bountiful as Guam is located near the Marianas Trench, the deepest section of ocean in the world and home to an incredibly diverse and plentiful group of fish. Tours for fishing in Guam can be booked in advance, or travelers can take advantage of a bit of last minute fishing in Guam.

Guam fishing regulations tend to be fairly lax. There is no fishing license required to fish in Guam at any time during the year. Guam fishing regulations should be consulted for the specific area you plan to fish prior to your trip. If you plan to engage in Guam deep sea fishing you will like use Guam fishing charters, and the Guam fishing charters will detail the specific regulations for your area.

Guam deep sea fishing is incredibly popular, due in most part to the proximity to the Marianas Trench. While it is possible to reserve a boat or yacht for private use, it is most common to book a chartered boat with a trained crew for any Guam deep sea fishing purposes. Longer trips lasting multiple days are also available for groups, and generally food will be provided as part of the trip. There are two boat chartering companies in Guam, and both are located in Tamuning.

Many travelers come to Guam specifically for the fishing. Since there are no fees associated with catching and keeping fish, and visitors can fish without any sort of fishing license, many guests catch their fish to put on ice and bring home. Guests can also engage in a beach cookout as part of their chartered boat trip or on their own. Gutting and cooking their own caught fish over a fire or bar-b-cue on the beach, many visitors enjoy fresh fish as the fruit of their fishing labor.

Tumon Bay and Apra Harbor are the two most popular places for fishing in Guam. Tumon Bay offers gentle waters and plenty of fish, while the deep waters near Apra Harbor make fishing a delightful experience throughout the year. In addition to fishing, travelers can also enjoy scuba diving, jet skiing, swimming and dinner cruises from both Apra Harbor and Tumon Bay. Both locations offer activities to be enjoyed by the entire family. If you do plan to fish with children, there are some excellent locations in Tumon Bay that offer a gentle and relaxing fishing experience for younger children and families.

Whether you are planning a week long chartered fishing trips with seasoned fishing companions or a simple afternoon spent with your pole in the sand and your family at your side, fishing in Guam is an incredibly pleasing way to spend the afternoon on the beach or out on the open water.

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