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Guam Surfing
Surfing in Guam is one of the great attractions to the island for locals and surfing enthusiasts around the world. Although many of the Guam surf areas require a moderate skill level, there are almost always great waves for surfing in Guam somewhere on the island. Many of the best Guam surf areas are located at the public beaches, while others require a little extra hiking to areas off the beaten path. One thing is certain; Guam surf spots are plentiful and travelers won’t have much trouble finding the perfect place for surfing in Guam.

The most famous beach for Guam surfing is Talofofo Beach. Talofofo is well known for the excellent waves that crash along the beach.

The beach is also unique and known for the black sand that characterizes its shore. There is no fee to surf Talofofo beach, but surfers should note that the area is also a popular place for families and other tourists, and there may be folks swimming or diving in the area. For the most part, however, the beach and waves are dominated by surfers and the beach remains of the most popular Guam surf spots.

A great beach for beginning surfers and surfers of every ability is Glass Breakwater Beach. Glass Breakwater is located near Apra Harbor.

Although this beach continues to be one of the most popular Guam surf spots, it can be difficult to access. In order to reach the beach you will need to trek a bit through Navy property and access is sometimes denied. Some locals choose to access the beach by kayaking in from another beach location.

Perhaps the most popular beach for beginning surfers who do not want to deal with kayaking in is Inarajan Bay. Located in the south of Guam, Inarajan Bay is easy to find, just a short drive from the main village of Inarajan. The beaches are usually empty except for surfers and access is free. Travelers will want to pack their own food and a change of clothes, as there are no public facilities at Inarajan Bay. The village of Inarajan does have a few restaurants, however.

For die hard surfers looking for a challenge, Mallesso beach is perhaps one of the most difficult beaches to surf on Guam. Coral reefs can be exposed and the waves can be huge, but local surfers and visitors alike agree that this is one of the most exhilarating places to surf for the highly skilled surfer. It is recommended that visitors be respectful of local surfers to avoid conflict over waves and beach access.

Whether you are an experienced surfer or a beginner looking to try out surfing for the first time, there are a nice range of beaches to match every ability in Guam. Surf schools and camps can also be found on the island as a way to learn to surf. Equipment rental is available in the larger tourist areas of Tumon and Hagatna or through your chosen surf school. However you plan to enjoy the waves, you’ll have luck finding a great day to surf, as the weather in Guam is almost always clear and sunny.

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