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Guam history

The history and natural beauty of Guam offers numerous sights of interest. Latte stones, regarded as symbols of tradition and strength, which served as foundation blocks for the thatch huts of pre-contact Ancient Chamorros, are found in parks and jungle areas. The graceful remains of colonial Spanish buildings, plazas and bridges may be seen in Hagatna and in other locations throughout the island, and Spanish influence is clearly visible in the architectural design of Guam’s southern villages.
In addition to its sunny beaches, elegant hotels and great bargains, Guam has another real attraction – its unique culture. The traditions and customs of Guam’s proud island heritage live on in its people and customs despite conquerors, wars and changing governments. With roots formed by island lifestyles and modeled by the events of history, Guam has expanded to form a vibrant, modern way of life.