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Picture of Kiosko at the Plaza de Espana on Guam

Plaza de Espana Kiosko

Kiosko at the Plaza de Espana
During the Spanish times, the Kiosko or bandstand was located in front of the Governor's Palace.  Early in the 1900s, the Americans moved the Kiosko to one side of the Plaza de Espana to allow for the Marines baseball field.  Then in 1930 the Plaza was landscaped thus placing the Kiosko in its present location.  The Kiosko was destroyed in the naval bombardment of Agana that precluded the liberation of Guam in 1944 and was subsequently rebuilt after the war.  The Kiosko continues to be used for numerous functions including the inaugurations of elected Governors Carlos Camacho, Ricardo Bordallo, Paul Calvo, Joseph Ada, and Carl Gutierrez.

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