Guam shopping

Guam Shopping: The Ultimate Guide to Retail Therapy in the Tropical Paradise

Guam is a shopper’s paradise. As the largest and most populated island in Micronesia, it offers a wide range of shopping experiences for visitors and residents alike. From modern air-conditioned malls to colorful local markets, Guam caters to all tastes and budgets.

This ultimate guide covers everything you need to know about shopping in Guam. We’ll explore the best shopping centers, boutiques, outlets, and markets. You’ll also discover some unique local shopping finds and learn about shopping etiquette and policies.

So get ready to experience retail therapy, island style! It’s time for a shopping adventure in this tropical paradise.

Overview of Shopping in Guam

Before diving into the specifics, let’s set the stage by reviewing some key facts about shopping in Guam:

  • Diverse Options: Guam offers a mix of familiar American brands and local shops. You can find modern malls, duty-free outlets, specialty boutiques, and traditional markets.
  • Tax-Free Shopping: Guam allows duty-free shopping for tourists. You can save on luxury goods, apparel, alcohol, and more.
  • US Currency: As a US territory, Guam uses the US dollar. Prices are similar to mainland US but local goods may be cheaper.
  • Opening Hours: Most stores open 10AM to 9PM weekdays, and until 6PM on weekends. Some stay open later. Markets open early morning.
  • Language: English is widely spoken given Guam’s ties to the US. Some locals speak Chamorro. Store staff usually speak English.
  • Payment: Most stores accept major credit cards, debit cards, and cash. Some smaller shops are cash only.
  • Bag Fees: Guam banned plastic bags so bring reusable totes. Some shops charge small fees for paper bags.
  • Sales Tax: Guam charges a 5% Gross Receipts Tax on purchases, lower than mainland US.
  • Import Regulations: Duty free limits apply. Certain goods like fresh produce face restrictions when leaving Guam.

Now that you understand the shopping landscape, let’s explore the exciting retail destinations Guam has to offer!

Major Shopping Centers and Malls

For an air-conditioned shopping experience, Guam’s modern malls and centers offer a wide range of international and local brands. Here are some of the top options:

Micronesia Mall

The largest mall in Guam, Micronesia Mall features over 100 stores and restaurants. Department store anchors include Macy’s and Ross Dress for Less. Retailers include Guam Premier Outlets, Gap, Guess, and Coach. The food court offers local eateries. The center also hosts events like holiday parades.

Agana Shopping Center

This mainstay shopping center in Hagåtña has served Guam since the 1960s. The open-air complex has over 100 shops and restaurants operation in village-style hut complexes. Popular stops include department stores Ross Dress for Less and Foot Locker, along with jewelry and souvenir shops.

Guam Premier Outlets

For serious discount shopping, head to Guam Premier Outlets just south of Tumon. The outdoor outlet mall houses over 80 designer brands including Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein. You’ll save 30% to 65% on everything from apparel to housewares.

Tumon Sands Plaza

This mall in the heart of Tumon caters to tourists. The buildling features high-end duty-free stores like Tiffany & Co., Tissot, and Camacho Jewelers. Retailers include designer brands Hugo Boss, Clarins, and Vera Bradley. The plaza also hosts live music and events.

GPO Food Court

The food court at the Guam Premier Outlets mall deserves its own mention. The spacious dining hub features a wide range of cuisines and seating areas. Gorge on everything from ramen, Indian curries, pizza, and local Chamorro dishes. It’s a top spot for a break while shopping in Tumon.

Best Areas and Districts for Shopping

In addition to the major centers, Guam offers distinct shopping districts packed with stores and boutiques. Here are some of the top areas to shop till you drop:


Guam’s primary tourist district, Tumon boasts mile after mile of resorts, restaurants, and shopping. The neighborhood stretches along Pale San Vitores Road, parallel to Tumon Bay beach. All of Guam’s major malls and duty-free outlets are located here. You’ll also find high-end international boutiques and luxury brands.


The island’s capital city offers a more local shopping scene. The historic central plaza, Skinner Plaza, is surrounded by small shops, cafes, and galleries. Nearby Chamorro Village features vendors selling handicrafts and souvenirs every Wednesday. Pop into local boutiques around the Palacio Governador complex.

Dededo and Tamuning

For more everyday and big-box shopping, head to Dededo and Tamuning north of Hagåtña. Retail plazas house branches of Payless, Ross, Macy’s, and Kmart along Marine Corps Drive. You’ll also find convenient grocery stores, pharmacies, and service shops scattered around these high-population villages.


Auto enthusiasts should visit the Harmon Industrial Park area. Several dealerships and auto shops line Route 16 here, making it a hub for buying vehicles, parts, and accessories. You can inspect and test drive cars from major brands like Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Hyundai, Suzuki, and Subaru.

Best Local Markets and Bazaars

For a taste of traditional island shopping, Guam boasts many public markets and bazaars packed with fresh produce, handicrafts, and local finds. Here are some top options:

Chamorro Village

This Wednesday night market is a must for visitors and locals alike. The vibrant village becomes a hive of activity with food booths, live music, and vendors selling souvenirs, produce, and handicrafts. Shop for tropical wear, beach gear, coconut oil, shell jewelry, woodcarvings, and more.

Agana Shopping Center Night Market

The central courtyard of Agana Shopping Center transforms on Friday and Saturday nights. Local vendors set up booths selling art, gifts, apparel, accessories, toys, produce, and street snacks. Kids will love browsing the collectible toys.

Dededo Flea Market

Venture north to this large flea market at Chalan Pago. The sprawling complex houses over 600 indoor and outdoor booths selling everything from fresh produce to designer knockoffs. Open mornings from Tuesday to Sunday. An eat street section serves up local cuisines.

Tumon Sands Plaza Night Market

Every Thursday evening, the plaza in front of Tumon Sands hosts a lively artisan market. Local vendors sell handicrafts, custom jewelry, Chamorro cookbooks, tropical apparel, souvenirs, skincare products, and delicious snack foods. Enjoy live, local music.

Roadside Markets

Keep an eye out for roadside produce stands and popup markets around the island. These offer the freshest local fruits like mangoes, starfruit, bananas, and coconuts often straight from the farm. You can also shop homemade goods like banana chips and dried fruit.

Duty-Free Shopping in Guam

One of the perks of shopping in Guam is the availability of duty-free goods. As a US territory, Guam allows travelers to import goods tax-free with certain limits.

Duty-free shopping is available at designated hotel shops, department stores, specialty boutiques, and outlet malls. Stores will clearly indicate their tax-free status. Be sure to bring your passport to take advantage of duty-free savings.

Popular duty-free purchases in Guam include:

  • Luxury goods like watches, jewelry, leather goods, perfumes, cosmetics, and crystal. Shop brands like Omega, Swatch, Tiffany & Co., Shiseido, and Swarovski.
  • Fashion apparel and accessories from brands like Coach, Michael Kors, Guess, Ray Ban, Levi’s, and more.
  • Outdoor and sports apparel and gear from The North Face, Columbia, Oakley, and other brands.
  • Spirits, wine, champagne, and beer. Popular options include Johnnie Walker, Baileys, Absolut Vodka, Chivas Regal, Grey Goose, and Rolex champagne. Local beers like Guam Gold are also exempt from taxes.
  • Chocolates, candies, and other food items like sauces and seasonings. Shop for sweets from Lindt, Toblerone, Cadbury, Hershey’s, and Godiva.
  • Cigars, cigarettes, and tobacco products from top brands.
  • Souvenirs and gift items like Guam-themed shirts, keychains, magnets, shot glasses, postcards, and ornaments.

There are some limits on the quantities permitted for duty-free import, so be sure to check allowances. Overall, Guam offers amazing savings on luxury and duty-free goods for tourists taking advantage of its special status.

Shopping for Local Goods and Handicrafts

Beyond the modern malls and duty-free goods, Guam offers many opportunities to shop for one-of-a-kind local handicrafts and goods. These make for perfect souvenirs and gifts to memorialize your island getaway. Here are some top local finds to shop for:

Coconut Oil Products

Look for high-quality virgin coconut oil along with coconut oil skin care products, soaps, creams, and cosmetics. Guam’s tropical climate produces abundant coconuts making it a specialty.

Traditional Woodcarvings

Guam’s indigenous Chamorro culture produces beautiful wood carvings imbued with symbolism. Look for carvings of sea turtles, fish, and ocean scenes depicting the island lifestyle.

Shell Jewelry

Jewelry made from tropical seashells, coral, and stone make lovely accessories and gifts. Find necklaces, bracelets, hair clips, rings, and earrings embellished with natural materials.

Beach Mats and Bags

Woven mats and bags make great souvenirs. Popular items include sleeping mats, beach mats, handbags, and market baskets woven from banana leaves or coconut fronds.

Model Canoes

Model outrigger canoes symbolize Guam’s seafaring history. Look for intricate handmade models carved from wood or etched from shells.

Local Produce

Take home a taste of Guam by shopping fresh tropical fruits like mangoes, banana, starfruit, papaya, and dragonfruit. You’ll also find imported Asian fruits like rambutan, jackfruit, lychee, and durian.

Food Products

Shop homemade Chamorro foodstuffs like banana chips, mango preserves, hot sauces, seasoning mixes, vinegars, pickled papaya, and more. You can also find specialty imported Asian foods.

Tropical Wear and Resort Wear

Look for colorful aloha shirts, maxi dresses, sarongs, and resort apparel made locally or with Guam-inspired designs. These showcase Guam’s island style.

Local Music

Browse music stores for albums by local Chamorro musicians and bands. Listen for influences of native music along with jazz, rock, and reggae fusion sounds.

For the widest selection, explore the Chamorro Village market on Wednesday nights along with flea markets, night markets, and roadside stands. Supporting local artisans helps preserve Chamorro culture.

Shopping Etiquette and Tips for Guam

To make the most of your retail therapy sessions in Guam, keep these shopping tips and etiquette pointers in mind:

  • Carry cash for markets: Some smaller shops, markets, and village stores are cash only. Have bills in smaller denominations.
  • BYO bags: Bring reusable bags since Guam has banned plastic bags. Some shops charge small fees for paper bags.
  • Haggle respectfully: Bargaining is expected at markets. Haggle politely and don’t aggressive. Accept a vendor’s last price.
  • Don’t photograph: Ask permission before photographing vendors, products, or store displays.
  • Watch your valuables: Crowded shopping areas can invite pickpockets. Carry bags closed and keep wallets secure.
  • Visit on paydays: For better deals at markets, go on Fridays and Saturdays when locals do shopping after paydays.
  • Try everything on: Guam’s heat and humidity can influence fit. Make sure clothing and shoes fit comfortably before buying.
  • Check fabric: Likewise, look for natural fabrics and breathable materials suitable for the climate.
  • Carry small bills: Markets and small shops may not accept big bills. Keep $5 and $10 bills handy for easy transactions.
  • Expect crowds: Malls and markets will be busiest right after paydays, in evenings, and on weekends. Go early to beat crowds.
  • Watch import rules: If carrying food items home, check import and customs rules to avoid trouble. Unpack goods for inspection.

With courtesy and common sense, you’re sure to win over local vendors and find the perfect Guam keepsakes. After a long day of shopping, relax with a beachside sunset and cool tropical drink. Biba Guam!

Major Retailers and Department Stores

In addition to small shops and markets, Guam offers many familiar big box, grocery, and department stores:

  • Macy’s – Major department store anchor at Micronesia Mall selling apparel, home goods, jewelry, beauty items.
  • Ross Dress for Less – Discount department store with apparel, shoes, accessories, home furnishings, pet supplies. Locations at Micronesia Mall, Agana Shopping Center, Dededo Mall.
  • Kmart – Department store with clothing, furniture, toys, electronics, and more. Has several locations around the island.
  • Payless Supermarket – Top grocery chain on Guam with 12+ locations. Full-service supermarkets sell groceries, household items, drugs, cosmetics.
  • Cost-U-Less – Membership warehouse club selling bulk groceries, household items, furniture, apparel, tires, and more at low prices.
  • KFC – Popular fast food chicken chain with multiple locations across Guam. Offers American classics along with local menu items like breakfast rice bowls.
  • McDonald’s – Global mega-chain with familiar burgers, fries, chicken items, drinks, breakfast meals, and McCafe coffee.
  • Jollibee – Beloved Filipino fast food chain serving fried chicken, burgers, noodles, rice meals, and desserts. A Guam favorite.
  • ABC Stores – Chain convenience store with locations around the island. Stop in for snacks, drinks, sunscreen, sundries, souvenirs.
  • Shell Gas Stations – Major gas retailer with convenience marts for snacks, drinks, essentials on the go. Also sells liquor.
  • 76 Gas Stations – Major gas station chain, often co-located with Circle K convenience stores. Offers similar amenities plus car washes.
  • Foot Locker – Major athletic footwear and apparel retailer. Store at Agana Shopping Center stocks popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma.
  • Forever21 – Fast fashion chain selling trendy, affordable women’s, men’s, and plus size apparel and accessories. Based at Micronesia Mall.
  • Polaris Point – Guam’s only Costco location for bulk groceries and discount shopping. Requires paid membership.

Guam strikes a handy balance between worldwide retailers, mainland US chains, Asian brands, and local shops. Shoppers will find nearly anything they need!

Best Souvenirs and Gifts to Buy on Guam

Seeking the perfect mementos from your Guam getaway? Here are some recommended souvenirs and gifts to look for:

Refrigerator Magnets

Choose from fun designs showing beaches, landmarks, sea life, flowers, and maps of Guam. These make inexpensive and easily packable gifts.

Postcards and Keychains

Basic gift shop buys like postcards and engraved keychains are handy Guam keepsakes. Opt for images showcasing island beauty and sights.

Custom Shot Glasses

Etched shot glasses featuring palm trees, beaches, landmarks, or humor make fun Guam gifts for party people back home.

Tropical Flower Hair Clips

For the girly girl, pick up pretty hair clips accented with silk hibiscus, orchids, plumeria, or sea shells. True island beauty.

Guam T-Shirts and Hats

It’s all about that island vibe. Pick up tropical print shirts, breezy tanks, visors, hats, and tees touting Guam. Easy to pack and wearable memories.

Coconut Oil Products

Luscious bath and body products use coconut oil with island scents. Shop luxe soaps, lotions, scrubs, lip balms.

Sea Salt and Seasonings

Bring home flavors of the island with locally sourced sea salt, pepper mixes, rubs, marinades, and dipping sauces.

Jewelry Made with Seashells or Coral

Choose handmade jewelry like pendants, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, and earrings embellished with natural materials from the sea. Durable and beautiful.

Woven Bags or Mats

Opt for practical keepsakes they can use like woven baskets, totes, yoga mats, placemat sets made of natural fibers and tropical motifs.


For the musically inclined, pick up a traditional ukulele handcrafted from tropical hardwoods. Extra points if you learn to play island-style!

Chamorro Cookbook

Help them recreate the flavors at home with a cookbook of authentic Chamorro and Guam recipes. Also nice are food items like dried fruits, candies, spices, or hot sauces.

Carved Wood Items

Choose decorative carved wooden bowls, trays, frames, figurines, or wall hangings to commemorate the island’s culture. Opt for thoughtful Chamorro designs.

Artwork and Photography

Find locally made art, photos, and prints showcasing Guam’s stunning natural landscape and scenes. Vibrant and visually stunning.

Local Alcohol and Spirits

Sample and shop Guam’s spirits. Bring home Tanduay rum, Isla vodka infused with fruits, or beers from local breweries like Guam Gold. Cheers!

Casual Beach Attire

Help them channel tropical vibes with Guam-inspired resort wear like maxi dresses, cover ups, sarongs, breezy shirts, flip flops, and wide brim hats.

Reef-Safe Sunscreen

An eco-friendly gesture – give sunscreen made in Guam that’s reef-safe and non-toxic. Protect the island’s marine life.

Seashells and Coral

For a natural reminder, collect beautiful shells, coral, sea glass, or sand to create memory displays or art projects when home.

Guam offers endless options. Focus on compact gifts that are special to the island. Opt for useful items that invoke warm memories of sandy beaches and island life!

Shopping Malls and Centers Directory

Here is a directory of the major malls and shopping centers to explore on Guam:

Micronesia Mall

  • Location: Dededo, central Guam
  • Anchor Stores: Macy’s, Ross Dress for Less, food court
  • Features: Over 100 shops, movie theater

Agana Shopping Center

  • Location: Downtown Hagåtña
  • Anchor Stores: Ross Dress for Less, Footlocker, food court
  • Features: Open-air village style buildings, over 100 shops

Guam Premier Outlets

  • Location: Tamuning district, next to T Galleria mall
  • Stores: Luxury outlet shops like Kate Spade, Michael Kors, more
  • Features: Outdoor shopping, prices 30-65% off

T Galleria by DFS

  • Location: Next to Guam Premier Outlets, Tamuning
  • Stores: Luxury duty free boutiques, high end jewelry & watches
  • Features: High end shopping in a hotel complex setting

Tumon Sands Plaza

  • Location: Pale San Vitores Rd, Pleasure Island district
  • Stores: Luxury duty free shops, jewelers, crystal, high end apparel
  • Features: Upscale plaza with fountains, live music

Agana Shopping Center Night Market

  • Location: Courtyard at Agana Shopping Center
  • Stores: Local vendors, handicrafts, art, food stalls
  • Features: Friday and Saturday night market

Chamorro Village

  • Location: Paseo de Susana Park, Hagåtña
  • Stores: Local vendors selling art, produce, gifts, handicrafts
  • Features: Popular Wednesday night market

Dededo Flea Market

  • Location: Chalan Pago, Dededo
  • Stores: Over 600 indoor/outdoor booths selling clothes, goods, produce
  • Features: Large flea market open Tuesday to Sunday mornings

Harmon Loop Hi Tech Mall

  • Location: Harmon Industrial Park Loop
  • Stores: Electronics, computers, mobile phones, hobby, auto accessories
  • Features: Tech retailer heaven, close to car dealerships

Tumon Bay Shopping Boutiques

  • Location: Pale San Vitores Rd, Tumon Bay tourist district
  • Stores: Upscale designer boutiques, jewelers, souvenir shops
  • Features: High end retail in resort area, great window shopping

Skinner Plaza

  • Location: Hagåtña municipal plaza
  • Stores: Cafes, restaurants, galleries, tourist shops around central plaza
  • Features: Small local shops with island crafts and gifts

Explore all Guam has to offer! From modern comfort to outdoor markets, enjoy a diverse and vibrant shopping scene.

Online Shopping and Delivery on Guam

While shopping locally is a treat, Guam’s remote location 2,500 miles west of Hawaii means that accessing certain goods can be challenging. Ordering online helps fill the gaps.

Luckily, Guam allows online shipping through major parcel carriers along with ongoing mail service via the US Postal Service. Here’s an overview of shopping online and receiving deliveries when in Guam:

  • USPS Mail: As a US territory, regular USPS mail service delivers letters and small packages to Guam addresses. Stamps, postcards, flat rate boxes available.
  • Private Parcel Carriers: Major couriers like FedEx, UPS, and DHL all deliver to Guam. Shipping fees are higher than domestic US rates. Expect 1-4 week delivery times from mainland US.
  • Amazon: Orders from Amazon ship to Guam’s zip codes. Prime’s free 2 day shipping doesn’t apply but discounted rates available. 3rd party sellers may not ship here.
  • Online Retailers: Most large US retailers ship online orders to Guam including major apparel brands, big box chains, and more. Compare rates at checkout.
  • Forwarding Services: For retailers who don’t ship to Guam, use a package forwarding service with a mainland address. Incur forwarding fees.
  • Duty and Taxes: Guam residents don’t pay customs duty on US goods but must pay 4% Guam sales tax above $1,000 per shipment.
  • Food Restrictions: Certain food items aren’t permitted entry to Guam. Check customs rules to avoid confiscation.
  • Electronics: Verify electronics and appliances support US versus Asia power standards to avoid issues.
  • Warranties: Some warranties for products like electronics may differ in Guam. Check before buying.

With planning, you can order almost anything online while visiting or residing on Guam. Just be aware of potential shipping delays and extra costs associated with Guam’s remote locale.

Best Places to Shop for Food on Guam

As a tropical island, Guam boasts an abundance of delicious, fresh produce along with international food options. Here are the recommended places to grocery shop during your visit:

Payless Supermarkets

This major local chain has over a dozen locations across Guam. The full-service supermarkets sell groceries, household items, toiletries, liquor and more. Shop their fresh produce, seafood, and meat departments along with global brands. Payless also features in-store pharmacies.


For discounted bulk shopping, head to Guam’s lone Costco-style warehouse club in Tamuning. Shop big savings on groceries, household supplies, tires, furniture, clothing, and more. Requires a paid membership.

Farmer’s Markets

Several farmer’s markets operate in Guam allowing you to buy direct from local farms and fishermen. Choose from freshly picked tropical fruits and vegetables along with coconut water, eggs, seafood, meat cuts, and handicrafts. Markets take place weekly in Dededo, Hagåtña, Tamuning, Agat and Inarajan.

Roadside Stands

Keep an eye out for small roadside fruit and veggie stands, often operated on the honor system. This is where you’ll find the best local coconuts, mangoes, eggplant, herbs, bananas, papaya and other just-picked produce. Leave payment in the cash box as indicated.

Local Grocers

Smaller local grocers like SH Superstore in Hagåtña or JP Superstore in Dededo offer convenience shopping in neighborhood settings. Browse imported Asian products, spices, fresh meat and seafood, baked goods, household essentials and more.

Tumon Hotels

For premium wine, liquor, gourmet products and imported speciality foods, visit the upscale hotel duty-free stores in Tumon. Shop European chocolates, global spirits, luxury packaged foods and more.

Chamorro Village Market

At this beloved Wednesday night market, browse locally made Chamorro food items like banana chips, mango chutney, hot sauces, pickles, vinegars, corn tortillas and other homemade goodies.

Wherever you shop, take advantage of Guam’s bounty of fresh, high-quality foods during your stay. Experience the exotic local fruits, vegetables and proteins of the island.

Department Stores and Malls

Guam offers a good selection of department stores and malls for convenient shopping. Here are some of the most popular options:

Macy’s – This iconic department store is the main anchor at Micronesia Mall. Shop major brands of clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, beauty, furniture, kitchenware and more. The massive two-story store has everything you need for lifestyle, fashion and home under one roof.

Ross Dress for Less – Discount department store chain Ross offers big savings on name brand apparel, shoes, accessories, beauty, home items, toys and more. Several locations across the island make Ross a convenient, affordable shopping choice.

Kmart – This discount retailer sells apparel, shoes, beauty supplies, electronics, toys, outdoor items, appliances, furniture, and more. Kmart stores are located in Dededo, Tamuning, and Hagåtña for island-wide access.

ABC Stores – For convenience on the go, ABC Stores operate over a dozen locations across Guam. The bright, colorful shops sell snacks, grocery items, souvenirs, sunscreen, beach gear, local foods, prepaid phones, and everyday essentials.

Agana Shopping Center – This open-air shopping destination has served Guam for decades. The village-style buildings house over 100 shops and restaurants including anchor stores Ross and Foot Locker plus specialty boutiques.

Micronesia Mall – Guam’s largest mall features over 100 stores and eateries including anchors Macy’s and Ross along with a food court, movie theater and popular brands like GAP, Guess, and more.

GPO – Guam Premier Outlets – Located in Tamuning, this outdoor luxury outlet mall offers savings between 30% to 65% on designer brands including Calvin Klein, Kate Spade, Coach, and Michael Kors.

T Galleria by DFS – Next to the GPO mall, this upscale shopping destination houses high-end boutiques selling luxury items, jewelry, watches, crystal, and gifts in a beautiful open-air setting.

Shop till you drop at these convenient and affordable stores and malls! From designer deals to everyday basics, you’ll find it all right in Guam.

Best Souvenirs to Bring Home from Guam

Guam offers amazing natural beauty, culture, and charm. Bring home lasting memories of your island getaway with these top souvenir ideas:

  • Refrigerator Magnets – Choose colorful designs featuring beaches, landmarks, or maps of Guam. Affordable and easily packed.
  • Handmade Jewelry – Opt for jewelry made by local artisans from natural materials like coconut, shell, coral, or stone. Unique pieces to cherish.
  • Tropical Sarongs or Pareos – Lightweight sarongs in vibrant island prints make great beach coverups, perfect for remembering lazy days on Guam’s shores.
  • Woven Bags or Baskets – Locally woven bags and baskets have traditional charm. Take home a Chamorro-style piece for carrying or display.
  • Island Apparel – Bring home the Guam vibe with aloha shirts, tanks, tees, and hats featuring tropical motifs or Guam lettering. Wear a piece of the island.
  • Ukulele – For musical memories, buy a handcrafted ukulele in a tropical hardwood. Learn to strum island melodies back home!
  • Seashells – Collect interesting seashells, coral, and sea glass as natural Guam keepsakes. Create art or displays with these beach treasures.
  • Hot Sauce or Seasoning – Spice up hometown meals with a bottle of locally made hot sauce, pepper blend, sea salt, or dipping sauce.
  • Coconut Oil Products – Pamper yourself with indulge coconut oil bath and body products like soaps, lip balms, and lotions. Pure tropical wellness.
  • Artwork or Photography – Support local artisans by purchasing artwork, photos, or prints that capture Guam’s striking natural beauty. Let images transport you back.

The best souvenirs reflect Guam’s nature, culture, and community. Seek special gifts crafted locally that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Things to Know About Shopping at Guam Premier Outlets

Located in Tumon, Guam Premier Outlets is the island’s major outlet shopping destination. Here are some key things to know about getting the best deals:

  • Operating hours are 10am to 8pm weekdays, 10am to 6pm weekends and holidays. Some restaurants stay open later.
  • Be sure to bring a passport to take advantage of tax-free savings offered to tourists at the outlets.
  • Expect savings from 30% to 65% below regular retail prices on brand name goods including apparel, accessories, beauty products, and more.
  • Stores offer deep discounts on previous season styles, buyer overstocks, and discontinued merchandise with limited quantities. Shop early for the best selection.
  • Major luxury brands include Coach, Guess, Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, Calvin Klein, Kate Spade New York, and Michael Kors.
  • Spend over $500 in a day and bring your receipts to the concierge office before 7pm to receive a complimentary Shop & Dine card for added discounts at outlets.
  • The Shop & Dine program also offers discounts at participating restaurants when shopping on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Enquire for details.
  • Be aware that using credit cards in Guam may incur foreign transaction fees, so paying cash can save you extra. ATMs are available in the mall.
  • Food options range from snacks to sit-down dining. Grab a gelato while strolling or enjoy a meal at restaurants like Ruby Tuesday or Shogun Japanese Steakhouse.

With these insider tips, you can maximize your time at the outlets and enjoy duty-free savings on coveted designer brands. Happy bargain hunting in Guam!

Top 5 Markets to Experience in Guam

Beyond the shopping malls, Guam boasts wonderful local markets that really showcase the island’s culture and community. Here are five can’t miss markets:

1. Chamorro Village – This lively night market takes place every Wednesday evening in Hagåtña. Stroll the stalls browsing local handicrafts, art, souvenirs, produce, street snacks and more while enjoying live music and entertainment. A must-do!

2. Agana Shopping Center Night Market – On Friday and Saturday nights, the central courtyard transforms into a busy market with local vendors selling art, crafts, clothing, toys, food and more. Fun for the family.

3. Dededo Flea Market – For serious bargain hunters, this huge flea market contains over 600 booths selling goods indoor and outdoors. Open Tuesday to Sunday mornings.

4. Tumon Sands Plaza Night Market – Every Thursday evening, local vendors set up right on the beachside plaza selling handicrafts, art, jewelry, foods and more. Browse while admiring Tumon Bay.

5. Tamuning Wednesday Night Market – Held weekly in the parking lot at Chamorro Village Pale San Vitores, this smaller but thriving market offers all kinds of finds under the stars.

Guam’s markets encapsulate the island’s welcoming spirit and lively culture. Come with an empty bag and leave with fabulous finds and lasting memories!

Guide to Outlet Shopping in Guam

For the savviest Guam shoppers, the island’s luxury outlet malls offer amazing duty-free savings on coveted designer brands. Follow this guide and soon you’ll be shopping like a pro:

When to Visit – Try to visit outlets on weekdays when crowds are lighter for a more relaxed experience. Locals tend to shop most heavily on weekends.

Bring Your Passport – To qualify for duty-free savings as a tourist, be ready to present your passport before making purchases.

Know the Big Players – Guam Premier Outlets and T Galleria by DFS house major luxury brands like Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Burberry, Calvin Klein and more.

Sign Up For Emails – Join outlet email lists for news on flash sales, holiday deals, and coupon promotions to maximize your savings.

Comparison Shop – Prices and sales can vary by outlet. Don’t assume one store has the best deal on an item. Check around.

Ask About Price Adjustments – If an item gets marked down after your purchase, inquire nicely about getting a credit for the difference within a certain window.

BYOB (Bring your own bag) – Pack a reusable tote to avoid paying for plastic or paper bags with small fees that add up.

Pay With Cash – Using credit cards in Guam can mean extra foreign transaction fees. Paying cash helps avoid excess costs.

Know the Return Policy – Understand each store’s exchange and return policy ahead of check out. Keep receipts and tags.

Shop during sales, compare options, and use these insider tips to unlock the best deals on luxury goods at Guam’s outlets. Enjoy!

Shopping for Groceries and Essentials in Guam

As a tropical destination, Guam boasts fresh, high-quality produce and seafood. But where are the best places to grocery shop during your visit? Here are some recommended stores for groceries and everyday essentials in Guam:

  • Payless Supermarkets – This popular local chain has over a dozen supermarkets across the island. Shop expansive produce, meat, grocery and household aisles. In-store pharmacies available.
  • Cost-U-Less – For bulk grocery and discount shopping, Cost-U-Less operates a warehouse outlet store in Tamuning. Requires a paid membership for access. Great deals on food, alcohol, home goods and supplies.
  • Family Mart – Modern Japanese-owned convenience store chain providing grab-and-go grocery items, ready meals, snacks, alcohol, toiletries, electronics and more. Locations all over the island.
  • ABC Stores – This convenience store chain is a go-to for snacks, beverages, essentials, souvenirs, sunscreen, prepaid phones and beach supplies. Multiple island-wide locations.
  • Circle K – Major convenience store chain affiliated with 76 gas stations. Stop in for cold drinks, snacks, ATMs, money orders, and other quick necessities.
  • Shell Gas Stations – Shell outlets often have well-stocked convenience marts attached selling grocery and household basics including adult beverages.
  • Local Markets – Produce stands, farmers markets and roadside stalls offer the best selection of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.
  • Korean and Japanese Grocers – Specialty grocers like E-Mart in Tamuning and Japan Club in Tumon carry great imported foods and Asian ingredients.
  • Local Pharmacies – For prescription medications and health needs, visit pharmacies like Infusion Pharmacy, Isla Market Pharmacy or Medical Pharmacy.

Don’t just dine out during your Guam visit – be sure to explore the island’s high quality groceries, fresh market fare and convenience stores to feel like a local.

Shopping for Clothes and Apparel in Guam

Beyond bathing suits and beachwear, Guam offers a good variety of options when shopping for apparel and clothing during your visit. Here are some recommended places to shop:

  • Macy’s at Micronesia Mall provides familiar American department store shopping for major brands of clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry all under one roof. Find fashion for the whole family.
  • Forever 21 at Micronesia Mall carries trendy, affordably priced women’s apparel, shoes, handbags, jewelry and accessories from this popular fast fashion retailer.
  • T Galleria by DFS offers high-end designer clothing like Hugo Boss, along with luxury watches, leather goods, jewelry and accessories in an upscale setting.
  • Micronesia Mall houses popular brands like GAP, Levi’s, Guess, and Old Navy for casual clothing and denim.
  • Ross Dress for Less discount department stores stock name brand apparel, shoes, and accessories for bargain hunters. Several locations across Guam.
  • Tumon Shopping District features pricier boutiques carrying formalwear, designer apparel, custom tailored clothing, beachwear, shoes, jewelry and accessories.
  • Hotel Gift Shops like DFS Galleria carry luxury resort wear, coverups, swimsuits, sandals, hats, and locally made tropical-print clothing perfect as souvenirs.
  • Chamorro Village Market offers locally made clothing and resort wear with custom Guam themes and prints to showcase your island spirit.

Mix and match high street and high end finds for an island wardrobe that’s stylish, affordable and packed with memories.

Duty Free Shopping in Guam: Who Qualifies?

One advantage of shopping in Guam is the availability of duty-free goods. But who actually qualifies? Here’s a quick guide to duty-free shopping eligibility in Guam:

  • All visitors to Guam who do NOT reside in the US mainland or Hawaii qualify for duty-free shopping privileges. This includes international tourists, foreign passport and green card holders.
  • Qualified tourists can make duty-free purchases by showing their passport plus proof of ongoing travel like a flight itinerary at designated duty-free retailers.
  • Most hotels, high-end stores, shopping plazas, department stores and outlet malls in Guam offer duty-free shopping. Ask any retailer if they participate.
  • Duty-free savings apply to goods like alcohol, tobacco, perfume, electronics, crystal, china, cameras, leather goods, jewelry, watches, designer clothing and accessories.
  • Duty-free shopping caps and allowances apply based on the type of item purchased. Stores can advise shoppers on permitted quantities.
  • While duty-free, qualified shoppers must still pay Guam’s sales tax around 4-5% on purchases.
  • U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and residents of Guam itself do NOT qualify for duty-free shopping benefits in Guam. Only visitors can shop tax-free.
  • Active duty military personnel and their dependents stationed in Guam also do not qualify for tax and duty perks on local purchases.

By confirming eligibility criteria in advance, visitors to Guam can shop tax-free at participating retailers and unlock the full potential of duty-free savings during their stay. Enjoy!

Finding the Best Duty-Free Shopping Deals in Guam

Thanks to its special status, Guam offers visitors amazing duty-free shopping on leading brands. Follow these tips to find the best duty-free deals:

  • Shop at designated duty-free stores and malls like DFS Galleria, Tumon Sands Plaza, and Guam Premier Outlets. Look for duty-free signs.
  • Bring a valid passport for identification and proof of visitor status at checkout.
  • Compare prices across retailers. Duty-free discounts can vary. Negotiate for added savings on big-ticket items.
  • Ask retailers to explain forthcoming sales or seasonal promotions so you can plan purchases around best deals.
  • For substantial spending over $500-$1000, inquire about VIP shopper programs that unlock extra perks like free gifts, food and beverage credit, and transportation.
  • Duty-free caps and exemptions apply, usually around $800 for perfume/beauty, 1 liter for alcohol, and $200 for tobacco. Understand the allowances.
  • Buy towards the end of your trip to take advantage of full exemptions and avoid carrying excessive inventory as you travel.
  • You pay no customs duties but Guam sales tax still applies. Factor in 4-5% extra on the total.
  • Get tax refund forms from retailers if you’re spending over $1000 and plan to depart directly from Guam without returning to the mainland US.
  • Keep all receipts and claim forms. Declare purchases when returning to your home country.

With insider knowledge of Guam’s duty-free policies, you can shop smart and enjoy huge savings on favorite global brands during your tropical getaway.

Finding Deals When Shopping Local in Guam

Beyond duty-free finds, Guam offers wonderful local shopping. Here are tips for finding deals when shopping for local goods and keepsakes:

  • Visit the Chamorro Village Wednesday night market when vendors are most plentiful and competition can spur bargains.
  • Never accept the first price quoted by vendors at markets. Kindly counter back until you reach an acceptable compromise.
  • For produce, visit farmers markets right before closing time when sellers may discount perishable items like fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Check roadside fruit stands for seasonal deals on coconuts, mangoes, banana, and other local crops.
  • For handicrafts, compare seller pricing and quality before making final selections. No need to rush into purchases.
  • Politely ask if discounts apply for bundle deals or buying multiple items – sometimes vendors offer price breaks.
  • Inquire if the product price is fixed or negotiable. Vendors may share “local” pricing if you’re respectful.
  • Paying cash, especially with exact denominations, can incentivize extra discounts versus credit cards.
  • Keep small bills handy for local transactions instead of 100s or 50s which vendors may struggle to break.
  • Be extra nice, patient and grateful when dealing with local sellers and merchandise. A little goodwill goes a long way!

Remember shop local in Guam for the best quality, selection and prices helping support small businesses and the community. Biba Guam!

Dining and Restaurants at Micronesia Mall

As Guam’s largest shopping mall, Micronesia Mall offers plenty of dining options when hunger strikes after retail therapy. Here are some recommended spots to eat:

  • Teppanyaki Grill & Buffet – All-you-can-eat Asian fusion, seafood, steak, sushi buffet with chef grilling stations.
  • Shogun Japanese Steakhouse – Hibachi grill experience with sizzling rice dishes, meats and seafood plus sushi menu.
  • Ruby Tuesday – American casual chain for burgers, steaks, ribs, pasta, salads and cocktails.
  • Charley’s Steakery – Upscale US steakhouse serving prime rib, filet mignon, seafood and signature salad bar.
  • Subway – Fresh made-to-order subs, sandwiches, salads and wraps at this iconic quick service franchise.
  • Jollibee – Beloved fast food chain offering fried chicken, burgers, noodles, rice meals and Filipino favorites.
  • Panda Express – Quick, casual Chinese food spot for orange chicken, lo mein, rice bowls and other poplar menu items.
  • Auntie Anne’s – Kiosk selling fresh baked soft pretzels, dips, and beverages. Perfect salty snack while shopping.
  • Tully’s Coffee – Coffeehouse chain with espresso drinks, teas, frappes, pastries, sandwiches and free Wifi.
  • Micronesia Mall Food Court – Big dining area with options like Taco Bell, Subway, local cuisine, pizza, and refreshments.

Recharge with a meal or snack from quick service to upscale dining conveniently right within the mall.

Major Retailers Found at Agana Shopping Center

Opened in the 1960s, Agana Shopping Center remains a major retail destination in Guam’s capital of Hagåtña. Popular anchor stores and retailers found here include:

  • Ross Dress for Less – Discount department store selling apparel, accessories, footwear, home goods, toys, and more at low prices.
  • Foot Locker – Major athletic gear and sneaker retailer carrying brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Converse. Attached House of Hoops store sells basketball gear.
  • GameStop – Video game store stocking the latest releases across various consoles, along with accessories and collectibles.
  • GNC – Retailer focused on health supplements, vitamins, fitness products and nutrition aids.
  • 5280 Clothing – Locally owned clothing boutique selling stylish, affordable apparel and accessories for women.
  • Trends Jewelry – Jewelry and accessories store carrying luxury watch brands like Citizen, Seiko, Bulova along with fine jewelry.
  • Forever 21 – Fast fashion spot for trendy, inexpensive women’s clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories.
  • Kaybee Toys – Toy store with action figures, games, plush animals, outdoor toys, puzzles and playsets for kids.
  • Koko Hut – Locally owned shop selling men’s and women’s island-inspired clothing, accessories and souvenirs.
  • Levi’s – Iconic jeanswear from Levi’s including denim for men and women along with shirts, jackets and more.

With its open-air village layout, Agana Shopping Center offers both familiar chains and local flavor.

Things to Know About Shopping at Chamorro Village

Chamorro Village in Hagåtña is a beloved local market open Wednesday evenings. Before you go, keep these tips in mind:

  • The market typically operates from 6pm to 9pm on Wednesday nights, with vendors setting up stalls starting late afternoon.
  • It’s busiest early in the evening right after opening when locals flock in after work. Go early for the best experience.
  • Bring small bills and coins for purchases as some vendors may not accept large bills or credit cards.
  • Be prepared to negotiate and haggle prices with vendors in a friendly manner. Bargaining is commonplace.
  • You can try on clothing and accessories but not all vendors have dressing rooms available.
  • Food stalls serve up local Chamorro eats along with other international cuisines to sample.
  • Live Chamorro music and dance performances add to the cultural ambiance. Enjoy free entertainment as you browse.
  • You may be approached by vendors offering hair braiding, shell jewelry-making, portrait sketches and more onsite services.
  • It’s busiest during the high season months of January through March when visitor numbers peak. Expect large crowds.
  • Vendors rotate each week so selection varies. Local produce and handicrafts are always plentiful.
  • Parking is limited so arrive early. Consider taking a cab or rideshare to avoid hassles.

Chamorro Village provides immersive cultural experience with shopping, food and entertainment for visitors and locals alike.

Finding the Best Guam Souvenirs and Gifts

Seeking the perfect Guam mementos to bring home? Focus on items that encapsulate the island’s natural beauty, culture and spirit. Here are some top picks:

  • Locally made jewelry from coral, shells, wood or seeds – Beautiful and eco-friendly
  • Hand-carved storyboards or sculptures depicting legends and culture
  • Sundresses, sarongs and shirts in bright tropical prints – Wearable memories
  • Ukulele, traditional musical instruments – Share island sounds
  • Woven baskets, mats and bags – Functional and bohemian
  • Food items like hot sauces, jams, dried fruits, spices – Island flavors
  • Black coral jewelry, accessories – Luxurious and symbolic gem from Guam
  • Coffee table books showcasing stunning local photography – Visual inspiration
  • Hats, visors, tanks with Guam themes – Casual and fun
  • Refrigerator magnets, keychains – Affordable souvenir classics
  • High end artworks or sculptures by local artists – Make it a signature piece

Consider gifts and treasures with purpose, elegance and authenticity that exemplify Guam’s unique natural landscape, history and culture. Support local artisans and vendors for quality and meaning.

Shopping for Local Chamorro Food Specialties

Experience the flavors of Guam by bringing home edible gifts and treats. Shop for these popular Chamorro food specialties:

  • Coconut candy – Sweet shredded coconut cooked in sugar syrup and formed into bite-size pieces
  • Titiyas or tortillas – Flat corn tortillas, great for making Chamorro tacos
  • Ripe banana chips or fadang – Crispy salty snack made from sliced green bananas
  • Pickled papaya or atchara – Green papaya pickled with spices and vinegar
  • Hot sauces and finadene – Spicy condiments and dipping sauces like donne dinanche
  • Coconut vinegar or sukang tuba – Vinegar made from fermented coconut sap
  • Dried or candied meat – Chugai, made from jerked beef or venison
  • Jam and jellies – Tropical flavors like guava, pineapple and papaya spread
  • Titiyas mix or masa harina – Corn flour for making homemade tortillas
  • Coconut oil and beauty products – Hydrating hair and skin care
  • Local sea salts – Gourmet flavored salts harvested from Guam’s oceans
  • Spice blends – Custom seasoned chili pepper mixes

Let the taste of Guam spice up home cooking and transport you right back to island life. Make unforgettable edible souvenirs.

Best Things to Buy at Guam’s Outlet Malls

Guam’s duty-free luxury outlet malls offer amazing savings on quality brands. Here are some top buys:

  • Designer clothing and accessories – Brands like Kate Spade, Coach, Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, Burberry
  • Luxury watches and jewelry – Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Pandora, Swarovski
  • Fashion and athletic apparel – Nike, Adidas, Puma, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger
  • Handbags, wallets, shoes – Major labels like Nine West, Samsonite, Tumi
  • Beauty, skincare, cosmetics – Shiseido, Clarins, MAC, Estée Lauder, Molton Brown
  • Perfumes and colognes – Chanel, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, Estée Lauder
  • Sunglasses – Ray Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim, Prada, Tiffany & Co.
  • Toys and games – Lego, Playmobil, Ravensburger
  • Liquor and wine – Johnnie Walker, Grey Goose, Hennessy, Moët, Veuve Clicquot
  • Home goods and electronics – KitchenAid, T-fal, Bose, JBL

Guam outlets take the sting out of high-end splurging. Shop smart and score luxury brands for less.

More Recommended Souvenirs from Guam

Beyond handicrafts and food, keep these unique Guam souvenir ideas in mind:

  • Shell or glass float Christmas ornaments – Delicate and island-inspired
  • Woven hats and visors to channel tropical vibes back home
  • Black coral jewelry and accessories – Made sustainably from a Guam gem
  • Chopsticks with hand-painted tropical motifs – Lovely accent pieces
  • Reef-safe sunscreen – Protect skin and Guam’s marine ecosystem
  • Local artwork prints showcasing stunning island imagery
  • Hand-blown glassware by local artisans – Elegant and colorful
  • Decor items made from capiz shell – Gleaming natural material
  • Coasters or placemats etched with maps of Guam
  • Ukulele or acoustic guitar – Make island music at home
  • Books on Chamorro history and culture – Gain insights about Guam
  • Traditional storyboards depicting legends – Meaningful display piece

Let your souvenirs tell a story and transport you back to Guam’s natural splendor whenever you use them.

Shopping at the Dededo Flea Market

Covering over 50 acres, Dededo Flea Market is Guam’s largest open-air shopping destination. Here’s what to expect:

  • Over 600 vendors and stalls selling goods indoors and outdoors
  • Open Tuesday to Sunday mornings, busiest on weekends
  • Vendors offer fresh produce, clothing, household items, handicrafts, snacks, and more
  • Multiple food stalls and eateries in the “Eat Street” section
  • Good spot to buy cheap beach clothes, gifts, souvenirs, and knock-offs
  • Mix of well-known local vendors and weekly stall rotations
  • Prices very negotiable – bargaining is welcomed and expected
  • Pay in cash for best deals – some sellers don’t accept credit
  • Warehouse-style setups with sparse frills – come to shop keenly
  • Items tend to be affordably priced – expect bargains but inspect merchandise

For a true local shopping experience, Dededo Flea Market offers variety and value in a no-frills environment.

Why Shop Local in Guam?

Beyond souvenirs, there are great reasons to choose local goods and stores while visiting Guam:

  • Supports Small Business – Helps local enterprises thrive and gives back to the community.
  • Authenticity – Local stores offer genuine island-made products and handicrafts.
  • Expert Advice – Shop owners share inside knowledge and help guide purchases.
  • Unique Finds – Many one-of-a-kind items you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Cultural Immersion – Interact with locals and learn traditions.
  • Freshness – Local produce, fish and foods are peak fresh.
  • Sustainability – Less transport emissions and waste versus imported goods.
  • Tropical Appeal – Locally made clothing, crafts and art reflect the island vibe.
  • Convenience – Plentiful options across Guam’s villages.

Shopping local helps Guam’s culture stay vibrant while visitors bring home distinctive memorable gifts. It’s a win-win for all!

Finding Deals on Local Handicrafts in Guam

Guam’s traditional handicrafts make wonderful keepsakes. Get the best deals on local wares using these tips:

  • Shop late at markets when vendors may offer discounts to sell remaining inventory
  • Check roadside stands and popup shops which often have lower overhead
  • Buy bundles for bulk savings versus individual items
  • Politely ask if the seller has a cash price or local discount
  • Establish a rapport – kindness and courtesy can go far
  • If prices are unlabeled, respectfully ask if bargaining is welcome
  • Compare quality and pricing across multiple vendors before deciding
  • Small imperfections that don’t affect utility can bring down the price
  • Pay with exact change in cash for potentially better offers
  • Avoid assuming the first stated price is firm – kindly counter
  • Ask nicely about sales, clearance items, or buying damaged box lots

With gracious negotiating, you can land deals on exquisite handicrafts handmade locally in Guam.

Best Souvenirs to Get at Tumon Sands Plaza

Known for its high-end boutiques, Tumon Sands Plaza offers luxurious Guam keepsakes like:

  • Jewelry from boutiques like Diamonds International or Taj – Timeless island memories
  • Designer handbags from Burberry, Coach, Michael Kors – Iconic and durable
  • Perfumes and fragrances from CHANEL, Estée Lauder – Luxe scents in duty-free sizes
  • Manicure set from Crystal Life – Pampering treat in delicate jewel tones
  • Sunglasses from Oakley, Ray Ban, Tiffany & Co. – Protective souvenir for outdoor lifestyles
  • Swarovski crystal figurines – Elegant home accents and collectibles
  • Men’s watch from Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer – Make it a signature investment piece
  • silk scarves and ties from Hermès, Dior – Indulgent detail pieces
  • Cuddly plush stuffed animal – Soft huggable gift for kids
  • Polished home decor like vases, trays, frames – High-quality craftsmanship

Tumon Sands Plaza lets you commemorate travels in Guam with timeless luxury gifts and indulgences.

Best Things to Buy at Chamorro Village Market

Chamorro Village market offers handmade cultural gifts and goods like:

  • Storyboards and sculptures depicting legends
  • Intricately woven baskets and bags
  • Jewelry made from shells, seeds, coconut, or glass
  • Traditional musical instruments like nose flutes
  • Wood carvings of sea turtles, fish, and local symbols
  • Tropical print dresses, shirts and beach coverups
  • Paintings, photography prints, and artworks
  • Hot sauces, jams, preserves, dried meats
  • Coconut oil based skincare and hair products
  • Ukulele, didgeridoos, and hand drums
  • Cookbooks with local recipes and ingredients
  • Handcrafted mini model canoes and proas

Chamorro Village lets you bring home a piece of Guam’s rich cultural heritage through local craftsmanship and creativity.

Best Coffee Shops in Guam

Recharge while shopping by ducking into one of Guam’s cool coffee shops like:

  • Infusion Coffee & Tea – Gourmet coffee drinks, teas, breakfast and lunch bites in cozy Hagatña locale.
  • Tully’s Coffee – Japanese owned chain serving brewed coffee, espresso drinks, pastries, light meals.
  • Jamaican Blue – Aussie-based cafe with signature cold brew coffee and Jamaican Blue Mountain beans.
  • The Coffee Slut – Trendy coffeehouse with unique latte flavors, acai bowls, avocado toast, vegan bites.
  • Palace Coffee – Locally owned indie cafe crafting specialty lattes, smoothies and frappes. Several locations.
  • Tropicana Gardens Cafe – Laidback garden coffee shop at the hotel in Tumon, known for coconut lattes.
  • Koban’s Coffee – Minimalist cafe with nitro cold brews, iced lattes, grab-and-go breakfast sandwiches.
  • Paradise Cafe – Cozy coffee and breakfast cafe in Hagåtña hotel, with waffles, paninis, blended coffee drinks.

Recharge and refuel the shopping mission at one of Guam’s delightful local coffee establishments.

Best Restaurants at Agana Shopping Center

When hunger strikes after shopping at Agana, choose from these dining options:

  • Jollibee – Beloved fast food chain serving fried chicken, burgers, noodles, rice meals and Filipino favorites.
  • Popeyes – Quick service spot for fried chicken, po’ boy sandwiches, jambalaya, beignets and Southern sides.
  • KFC – Global fried chicken icon whipping up buckets of chicken along with sides and sandwiches.
  • Shirley’s – Local mainstay known for massive portions of Chamorro and American comfort food classics.
  • Taco Bell – Tex Mex fast food with tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos and familiar favorites.
  • Capricciosa – Casual pizzeria crafting hearty wood-fired pizzas along with pastas, paninis.
  • Casa Orlina – Trendy bistro fusing Filipino cuisine with global influences for brunch, lunch and dinner.
  • PIQ – Artsy gelato and coffee bar scooping tempting flavors of all-natural ice cream.
  • Agana Shopping Center Food Court – Quick bites like Panda Express, Subway and more in one spot.

Refill your tank with quick eats, international flavors or leisurely dining without leaving the mall grounds.

Best Things to Buy at Local Farmer’s Markets

Guam’s lively farmer’s markets offer bounty straight from the island. Shop for:

  • Fresh tropical produce – mangoes, starfruit, banana, lychee, rambutan, dragonfruit
  • Vine-ripened tomatoes, leafy greens, herbs, squash, root vegetables
  • Fragrant coconuts, cracked open onsite for refreshing coconut water
  • Locally caught seafood like red snapper, mahi mahi, shrimp, tuna
  • Farm fresh eggs, meat cuts, sausages from local ranchers
  • Handcrafted goods like shell jewelry, wood carvings, woven bags
  • Homemade food items like jams, hot sauces, dried fruits
  • Locally cultivated honey, juices, baked goods
  • Affordable snacks and meals from food trucks and stalls
  • Tropical plants, flowers, herbs and gardening supplies

Buy ultra-fresh ingredients to enjoy a true taste of Guam and support hardworking local farmers.

Best Gifts and Souvenirs for Kids

Shopping for the youngest travelers? Guam offers kid-approved gifts like:

  • Stuffed sea creatures – sharks, dolphins, turtles, whales
  • Plastic seashells, coral, and sand dollars – beach memories
  • Snorkel sets with bright fish designs on masks and fins
  • Beach items like goggles, pails, shovels, kites, floats
  • Local candy, cookies, dried fruits with kid-friendly flavors
  • Tropical flavored lip balms and lotions like guava, mango, coconut
  • Colorful island-style hair accessories and jewelry
  • Ukulele, bongo drums, noise makers – musical fun
  • Books on Chamorro legends, history and culture
  • Puzzles, games featuring local wildlife or landmarks
  • T-shirts, tanks, visors, hats in their favorite color

Let your kids choose special island mementos they’ll treasure as souvenirs.

Best Thai Restaurants in Guam

After a long day shopping, enjoy a flavorful Thai meal at these top spots:

  • Thai House – Cozy Tumon locale serving classic Thai curries, noodle dishes, stir fries with veggie options.
  • Bamboo Thai Bistro – Stylish Thai fusion cuisine in Tamuning with duck dishes, satays, cocktails.
  • Lemon Grass Thai Restaurant – Authentic Thai in Harmon serving flavorful tom yum soups, spicy basil dishes, seafood.
  • Sawasdee Thai Restaurant – Long-running Thai spot in Tumon crafting rich massaman curries, pad thai, seafood specialties.
  • Pattaya Thai – Serene Tamuning restaurant with Chu Chee salmon, crispy duck, pineapple fried rice.
  • Spice Thai Restaurant – Relaxed spot in Tumon for Thai classics like green curry, pad see ew, fresh rolls.
  • Elephant Thai – Casual Thai cafe churning out tom kha gai, mango curries, coconut rice dishes.

Experience the vibrant flavors of Thailand without leaving the island at these savory Guam eateries.

Best Brunch Spots in Guam

Begin the shopping day fueled up with brunch at spots like:

  • Meskla Chamoru Fusion Bistro – Local Chamorro dishes like frittatas, crab omelets, empanadas, tropical waffles.
  • Beachin’ Shrimp – Beachside shrimp shack in Tumon dishing up generous shrimp and grits, omelets, pancakes.
  • No Ka Oi – Hawaiian cafe cooking loco moco, spam fried rice, banana macadamia nut pancakes.
  • Pika’s Cafe – Quaint bistro noted for fluffy pancakes, Eggs Benedict, avocado toast, parfaits.
  • Paradise Cafe – Hotel dining room prepping Benedicts, waffles, omelets, pastries.
  • Infusion Coffee & Tea – Brunch menu spanning acai bowls, yogurt parfaits, paninis, quiches in Hagåtña.
  • The Coffee Slut – Urban cafe churning out vegan avocado toast, acai bowls, brunch burritos and more.

Start your shopping excursion well-fed with a leisurely morning meal.