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The village derives its name from the word “iyo-na”. “Iyo-na” means the possession of something be it material things, personal items, or spiritual ownership. Yona is located on the southeastern side of the island and is situated on a plateau overlooking the Pacific Ocean and is part of the Haya (Southern) District. Yona is well known to islanders because of Menenggon, the infamous concentration camp where the Japanese imprisoned the Chamorros before the American invasion. This village follows the village of Sinajana where development in the form of “Urban Renewal” created what is Yona today.

The name Yona derives from the word Y‘jo’Na referring to the owner of the coconut plantation in As Misen now known as Camp Witek. People witnessing or passing by Yona would ask who owns the abundance of coconut plantations, and one would answer Y’jo’Na meaning it belongs to him (Santiago Cruz).

Village Highlights:

Menenggon Concentration Camp during World War II.
As Sinan Concentration Camp during World War II.
Ancestral Cemetery south of Leo Palace Resort.
Teleforo Area, Pulantat was major rice plantation during the Ancient Chamorro Time.
Camp Witek, home of the 3 rd Marine Division during World War II, and got the name “Witek” in memory of Private Witek who was awarded the highest medal (Medal of Honor) during World War II in Guam.
Baza Garden Baseball Field was renamed Jimmy Trimble Baseball Field, in memory of Jimmy Trimble, a professional ball player who past his opportunity for the Major Leagues to join the Marine Corps and was station in Yona with the 3 rd Marine Division. Jimmy Trimble Baseball Field was revived in the year 2004.
Taga’chang Beach was used as the main meeting place by the Ancient Chamorros.
Ylig Bridge and surrounding area was used a main burial ground by Ancient Chamorros, discovered in 2004.
Accion Hotel now being used as a primary school for priesthood not only for Guam, but throughout the world.
Turtle Cove Beach also called “As Chococo” Area was a primary breeding ground for sea turtles and sea birds.
The Old St. Francis Church, now being used as a rectory to house the parish priest, was used as a command post by the 3 rd Marine Division during World War II.
Village Fiesta Information
The Patron Saint for Yona is Saint Francis of Assisi. St. Francis Church would celebrate the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi during the first weekend of October. These activities/events are complimented and celebrated with Mass and serving of food and entertainment at the Yona Gymnasium. Residents of Yona would also celebrate this occasion by hosting individual family parties on the first Saturday or Sunday in October.

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