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Hafa Adai and welcome to Guam Portal!  Whether you are vacationing on Guam for the first time or are a returning visitor, you'll find your stay on Guam a memorable one.  We hope you find our website useful for finding out about enjoyable Guam tours, Guam activities, and other travel related information.
Guam is recognized for it's natural beauty and unique cultural heritage.  When visiting Guam you'll be able to visit many of Guam's historical sites from the World War II era.  We highlight many of Guam's cultural sites so visitors can decide which sites they would like to visit during their stay on Guam.  In addition, we offer our visitors the ability to make all their travel arrangements on our site from hotel reservation, car rentals, and airline bookings.  Make your travel plans online today with Guam Portal!

-Si Yu'us Ma'ase (Thank You)

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Guam Guam Attractions
Two Lovers Point Guam Two Lovers' Point, also known as Puntan Dos Amantes and forming the northern tip of Tumon Bay,  is a must see attraction when visiting the island of Guam.  Legend holds that a pair of star-crossed lovers whose parents would not allow them to marry tied their hair together and jumped to their deaths from this 378-foot cliff.  Visitors have a splendid view from this point of the gleaming white-sand beaches and lush hillside along the Philippine Sea and in central Guam.  Admission fee to get to the look out tower of Two Lovers' Point is $3.00 per person.
Tumon Bay
Many of Guam's most elegant hotels are situated on the strip of white sand bordering the sparkling aqua waters of Tumon Bay.  Guam's favorite playground is bordered at both ends by towering green cliffs.  There are a number of public parks and beaches to explore along Tumon Bay, as well as numerous shops for you to go shopping.  In most areas, the reef in Tumon Bay stretches about a mile out into sea so the bay is sheltered from the ocean waves offering fun water activities.
Tumon Bay Guam
I Sengsong Chamorro Village Guam I Sengsong Chamorro Village
Located next to the Hagatna Boat Basin and Paseo Stadium, the Chamorro Village offers visitors a glimpse into the island's culture, lifestyle and cuisine.  This little shopping "village" features a variety of local foods and handicrafts.  Vendors sell everything from clothing to handicrafts, bananas to betel nuts.  And the aroma of freshly cooked local foods emanates from small booths where cooks stir steaming pots of seafood, fried chicken, pancit, barbecued ribs, and other delicacies.

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Guam Guam Air Travel Deals
If you are coming from the mainland U.S. probably the only airline that comes to Guam is Continental Airlines.  You can take other airlines from the mainland U.S. to Hawaii, but for the final trip from Hawaii to Guam the only airlines available is Continental Airlines.  A large number of international airlines have flights to Guam from various areas around the world due to the fact that Guam is the entry point for many Asian countries into the United States.

You can find great air travel deals here on Guam Portal both to and from Guam.  CLICK HERE to search for airline bookings and ticket prices, and to make your reservation today.

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Castle Imperial Suites Guam Days Inn Guam Onward Beach Resort Guam
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