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Guam Islands

There are several small islands off the coast of Guam, most of which are within the reef barrier. The most notable of these is Cocos Island. All the other islands are much smaller than Cocos Island and uninhabitable, but they make for great dive spots to see the tropical fish of Guam.

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Guam Pictures and Photos

Experience the beauty of Guam that awaits you when visiting our island. Below you will find a large collection of Guam pictures for popular destinations, beaches, historical sights, and sight-seeing attractions.

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Guam Waterfalls

Cetti Falls Fintasa Falls Imong Falls Inarajan Falls
Malojloj Falls Sella Falls Sigua Falls Talofofo Falls Park
Tarzan Falls

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Guam Bays

Tumon Bay Hagatna Bay Umatac Bay Talofofo Bay
Sella Bay Achang Bay Aga Bay Agfayan Bay
Togcha Bay Ajayan Bay Bile Bay Cetti Bay
Fu’a Bay Inarajan Bay Nomna Bay Pago Bay
Pauliluc Bay Sasa Bay Toguan Bay Ylig Bay

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Guam Villages

Agana Heights Agat Asan Barrigada
Chalan Pago Dededo Guam Main Facility Hagatna
Inarajan Maina Maite Mangilao
Merizo Mongmong Ordot Piti
Santa Rita Sinajana Talofofo Tamuning
Toto Umatac Yigo Yona

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Guam Seal

Picture of the Guam seal above.

The Guam seal has a red oval-shaped border surrounding an image of a coconut tree, proa or sailing canoe, and in the background Two Lovers Point.

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Capital of Guam

Hagatna Guam
Hagatna is the capital of Guam. It is located in the center of the island and is part of the Kattan (Eastern) District. The village’s name comes from the word ‘haga’, which means blood. This village was established by families and relatives with shared bloodlines. The Spaniards designated Hagatna as the island’s capital, making it a village. Hagatna is home to places named after saints, as the city is the seat of
the island’s religion, Catholicism. The three branches of government – Judicial, Legislative, and Executive – are also located here. Additionally, it is the center of commercial activity, with legal offices, banks, department and variety stores, insurance, technical and professional services, and recreation facilities.

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Guam Flag

Image of the Guam flag above.

Guam’s Flag was designed by Mrs. Helen L. Paul, the wife of a US Naval Officer, in 1917. The Guam flag, officially adopted that same year, is deep blue with a red border, and features an oval representing an ancient Chamorro slingstone, a proa or sailing canoe, and a coconut palm silhouetted against Two Lover’s Point.

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Guam Events

Do you know of a monthly or annual event on Guam which isn’t listed on this page? Send us an email with the event name, description, and when it takes place; and we will list it on our Guam events page.
January Guam Events


New Year on Guam

February Guam Events


March Guam Events


Chamorro Month
The month of march is designated Chamorro month on the island of Guam. Because of this there are many cultural events and happenings in the month of March, making it a great time to plan a vacation on the island of Guam. The whole island, including residents, local businesses and the government, get into the Chamorro spirit to showcase Chamorro tradition and culture in March.

Annual Merizo Crab Festival
An annual event held around the end of March which takes place in the southern village of Merizo. The crab-themed event features crab cook-offs, coconut husking and grating, tuba drinking, a jet-ski competition and local music and entertainment. The Merizo Crab Festival is a 3-day weekend event which starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. According to the village’s mayor, Merizo is the crab capital of the island which is where the festival gets its theme.

Tumon Bay Music Festival

April Guam Events


Annual Talofofo Banana Festival
This annual event in the village of Talofofo is held around the end of April by the Talofofo Mayor’s Office. Visitors and locals can enjoy locally grown Guam bananas, banana recipes and food.

May Guam Events


June Guam Events


Annual Agat Mango Festival
Date: Exact day of the month varies
Official Website:
Filled with fun, events, competitions, and of course delicious mango food dishes; the Annual Agat Mango Festival which occurs in the month of June is open to everyone on the island of Guam. Taste the different varieties of mangos grown by local Guam farmers while socializing with other mango fans!

July Guam Events


Guam Liberation Carnival
Date: All throughout the month of July
The Guam Liberation Carnival is an annual event which takes place every night through the month of July. Rides, games, food and live entertainment is offered at the carnival.

Guam Independence Day Fireworks
Date: July 4th
Annual fireworks show which takes place on the 4th of July to celebrate Independence Day. Location of fireworks show varies, sometimes being held at Polaris Point or at the Liberation Carnival grounds in Paseo.

August Guam Events


September Guam Events


October Guam Events


Halloween on Guam
Date: October 31st
Like everywhere else in the United States, the island of Guam also celebrates the annual holiday event of Halloween on October 31st. During this day people dress up in Halloween costumes ranging from their favorite monsters, popular movie actors, ghosts and cartoon characters. A popular Halloween activity is trick or treating, where people go around their neighborhood dressed up in costumes knocking on doors and asking for candy by saying the phrase “trick or treat!”. Other various activities take place around the island like haunted house attractions and costume parties.

November Guam Events


Thanksgiving Day on Guam

December Guam Events


Christmas on Guam

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Guam weather

Guam has a generally favorable tropical climate throughout the year due to its geographical location. The island experiences two major seasons: the dry season, which lasts from December to June, and the wet or rainy season, which follows. Temperatures typically range from the 70s to 90s throughout the year, with the warmest months being May and June and the coolest being December. Guam receives an average of 100 inches of rainfall per year.